z/VM Shadowdisk/Z

Hard-Core Tools for Hard-Core Developers


More than ever, today's product application development environments demand efficient testing, fast problem isolation, team collaboration, and quick turnaround to QA and production during application development cycles. 

The ShadowDisk/Z product is designed to provide developers with comprehensive application testing and bug isolation in the Linux for IBM Z environment. ShadowDisk/Z is a software enhancement to z/VM that allows multiple Linux developers to transparently share Linux filesystems without altering the base copy

 (including updates to that filesystem) without actually altering the base system

At a Glance

  •  Allows for the shared development and testing of Linux application code  in a z/VM environment
  • Allows multiple developers to transparently share a Linux file system

  •  Significantly reduces the number of backups and restores currently required to support application development environments

  •  Significantly reduces the number of Linux instances required to support application development

  •  ShadowDisk/Z installs via modifications to z/VM only; no changes are required to Linux images, which act the same on Z 

Spend Time Killing Bugs, not Backups

 ShadowDisk/Z provides a filesystem (SDISK) database which supports the reading and writing of all application data to a given filesystem. Application data read requests are satisfied either from the SDISK database, or from the base filesystem if not already present in SDISK. Application data writes are sent to the SDISK database; the underlying base filesystem is not altered. In this manner, multiple applications can see all changes to the filesystem, even though the underlying base filesystem has not been changed. The actual I/O operations are handled by ShadowDIsk/Z code residing in z/VM, and are transparent to application code and to the Linux system on IBM Z.

 You can build a test Linux once, and use the filesystem over and over. Weekly backups and restores become a thing of the past.

 No changes to your 

Installation and Configuration

  •  Installation and configuration occur on the z/VM environment.

  •  The system is highly customizable, and can be configured for multiple users within a group, and/or for multiple groups within the enterprise

  •  Current supported z/VM releases are 6.4 and higher.


Customer Support

  •  VSSI provides 24x7, toll-free support of all our products, and is relied on by many of the Fortune 500

  •  VSSI is committed to staying level with all future z/VM releases and hardware architectures

  •  ShadowDisk/Z Linux support includes both RedHat and SuSE

  •  Extensive product documentation is provided on site.